SGA works to ease parking struggles, plans to bring parking app to SHU

As part of an initiative to ease parking and find parking spaces on campus with minimum hassle, Student Government Association (SGA) President Christina Simon and her team have been working to bring a parking app to Seton Hall.

“I have been contacting local colleges and universities, especially mid-sized Catholic universities like Seton Hall, to get more information on their use of parking apps and technology,” Simon said via email. “I have also been talking to administration about how to integrate the technology.”

Simon said students like the idea of a parking app. Sarah Yenesel/Staff Photographer.

Simon said that since her election to the SGA, students have been receptive to the idea of instituting a parking app. “I am pleased by how enthusiastic students have been about this initiative since the SGA campaign season, and I am motivated to work towards putting this initiative into place so that it can make parking more efficient for our students,” Simon said.

Students shared their thoughts on how much the app could reduce parking time.

Mary Palma, a sophomore secondary and special education major as well as a commuter, said she would like the app but has two issues with it.

Palma wants to know how quickly the app will refresh itself throughout the day. “Second, I don’t like the idea of having to use my phone while I’m driving to look at the app, especially if parking spots are taken during busy hours,” she said.

Laura Guempel, a sophomore speech pathology 4+2 and Spanish major, said “the app could be effective if it were guaranteed to work.” She added, “If I could check parking spots regularly, that would definitely be a way to save time each day.”

Caitlyn Webber, a sophomore secondary and special education major who commutes, said she spends a lot of time circling the parking lot and parking deck for a spot.

“It would be so nice to just know where to go as soon as I get to campus instead of checking every parking area just to find that there weren’t available spots,” she said.

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