YouTube community represented at SHU

Various Seton Hall students who want to share their passions and views have taken to the video sharing platform YouTube.

Burak Eraslan, a sophomore finance and marketing major, runs “EraslaBu,” a channel on YouTube. Eraslan started the channel about a year ago and posts videos about cars, happiness, and inspiration.

Burak Eraslan, Nick Durant, and Patrick Barron are three students who utilize the YouTube platform. Photos courtesy of Burak Eraslan, Nick Durant, and Patrick Barron.

“[This] channel [is] a place where I can freely create whatever I want whenever I want to. Soon it will be a large portion of my life, but until I get to a set direction, I am trying new videos and experimenting on what I like best,” Eraslan said.

Patrick Barron a senior history and economics major is the mind behind “Patishere.”

This channel was started last December and is home to his podcast, “The Table of Knowledge,” which speaks to black political and social commentary. “I wanted to put my perspective on multiple issues out there to the public,” Barron explained. “If others were doing it, why [couldn’t] I?”

Barron is looking to upload more videos weekly, and continues to share his work with others.

Nick Durant, a senior communication studies major, has his own corner of YouTube entitled “Durant Interviews.” Durant started the channel in December of 2014, and has a sizeable view count per video.

“Some of my interviews have been shared on well-known metal blogs and websites and some bands have shared the interviews on their pages,” Durant said.

“I upload the interviews I do with bands up at the radio station (WSOU). I upload the audio and put pictures of the band as the visual since most of my interviews are done over the phone,” Durant explained.

“My favorite video was probably the first one [I did] with Chris Motionless because it got the ball rolling and it has the most views. It was a great interview overall,” Durant said.

When asked what advice they would give to fellow students looking to start their own channel, Durant said, “If you’re passionate about something share it with the world. There are people out there who will enjoy your talents and passions and can relate.”

“Keep creating,” Eraslan added. “The best part and the reason why I do this is because I have complete freedom and nobody can tell me what I can or cannot do.”

Barron “Just create and put your stuff out there,” he said “In this day and age, it is easier to create stuff without the burdensome costs of doing it. More importantly, be patient. Your content will find the right viewers and pretty soon, you will have your own following.”

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Author: Claudia Emanuele

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