Village Pizzeria goes extra mile to serve

Situated on South Orange Avenue, Village Pizzeria is a small and cozy restaurant just yards from campus.

From ziti with vodka sauce to traditional cheese pizza, customers have a variety to choose from. A notable aspect of Village Pizzeria’s charm comes from its affordability. The restaurant’s Tuesday giant pie special, where one pie costs $7, is one of the reasons for its popularity among Seton Hall students.


Located on South Orange Avenue, Village Pizzeria offers Seton Hall students a variety of menu options. Joey Khan/Photography Digital Editor.


When asked what the pizzeria’s overall mission is, one of the servers, Giselle Bellia, who is also a junior psychology major at SHU, said, “We strive to offer the highest quality of food and service to the South Orange community.”

The pizzeria’s mission is not the only factor that servers strongly identify. Lisa O’Connor, who has been working at the pizzeria for six years said. “I really like the fact that there are so many women working here. I mean, there are men too, but the ratio leans more towards us and it’s rarely that way in other places.”

When questioned about their overall interactions with customers, the staff shared some personal anecdotes.

“One time, I delivered pizza to an old lady’s house and I ended up helping her break into her house because the door was locked and she couldn’t walk,” Giselle explained. “Honestly, we all go out of our way to meet our customers’ needs.”

The owners of Village Pizzeria highly encourage creativity within their workplace.

“Last week, someone ordered pizza online and wrote ‘what’s your favorite joke’ on the box. It made us laugh and so we spent the rest of the week writing jokes on the pizza boxes we delivered” Lisa O’Connor said.

In honor of  Valentine’s Day, Village Pizzeria is taking its creativity further and adding special heart-shaped pizzas to their menu.

“Orders can be placed from literally anywhere,” O’Connor said. “This week, this girl from Pennsylvania ordered a heart shaped pepperoni for her boyfriend who lives on campus and he got exactly that. That’s how convenient our service is.”

Whether it’s choosing a place to eat or ordering a Valentine’s Day present, Village Pizzeria is definitely a restaurant to consider.

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