Waffle shop a staple for SHU students

Abby Deffler/Staff Photographer

Abby Deffler/Staff Photographer

A home for authentic Belgian waffles and individually brewed coffees, espressos and cappuccinos, the Grid Iron Waffle Shop has been a part of downtown South Orange for almost 10 years.

Students and faculty love spending time at this café because of its relaxed, welcoming environment.

“Me and my best friend have been going there every Saturday since Memorial Day weekend, it’s like our tradition of going into the village for waffles,” said freshman diplomacy major Efrain Vallejo.

The shop is also known around campus for its menu that combines unique, modern items like stromboli waffles and stuffed waffles with traditional favorites such as pancakes, muffins and omelets.

Vallejo added, “We just really like the waffles, especially the stuffed ones, because we haven’t seen it anywhere else.”

Abby Deffler/Staff Photographer

Abby Deffler/Staff Photographer

Many students consider the Grid Iron Waffle Shop to be a Seton Hall trademark, just like many other restaurants in South Orange.

However, some are unfamiliar with the restaurant even after years on campus.

Arianna Scheiner, a Doctor of Physical Therapy student in her fifth year at SHU, shared that she doesn’t visit the village of South Orange a lot and has never been to the Grid Iron Waffle Shop.

“I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds interesting. I’d give it a try and stop by at some point,” Scheiner said.
With significant ties to the South Orange community, the Grid Iron Waffle Shop participates every year in South Orange’s Restaurant Week.

It has also hosted workshops and activities for children for South Orange’s Summer Day Camp.

However, the Shop’s ties to some students, like Gavin Cornelius, a sophomore finance major and employee at the restaurant, are even stronger.

Abby Deffler/Staff Photographer

Abby Deffler/Staff Photographer

“I’ve only been working here for about a month, but I like working here a lot,” Cornelius said at the restaurant, still in his work hat and apron.

The restaurant, he said, acknowledges the large population of students that come into the restaurant, but they’ve yet to introduce a student discount.

Vallejo also added to this, and said the restaurant might have better business if they had a student discount or accepted Pirate’s Gold as a form of payment.

Alyssa Schirm can be reached at alyssa.schirm@student.shu.edu.

Author: Alyssa Schirm

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