Alumni relations spreads Pirate pride

Graphic by Clara Capone

Graphic by Clara Capone

Bar Anticipation was bursting with Pirate Pride on Saturday, June 25 for the Young Alumni Summer Reunion in Lake Como, N.J. – the first alumni event the class of 2016 could partake in.


Bar Anticipation – more commonly know as Bar A – hosted the long-standing event, the first of which took place 33 years ago, said Daniela Gloor, the assistant director of Student and Young Alumni Programs. The reunion was created to engage as many young alumni as possible and to make them feel connected as part of the university through music, food and prizes. Although the reunion has always been held at Bar A, different young alumni plan the event each time, which leads to variation from year to year, Gloor added.


She also added the reunion intends to make young alumni “feel that they want to continue attending events sponsored by Seton Hall.”


“We want them to get involved,” Gloor said.


The event, held from 3 p.m. to  8 p.m., costed $10 per ticket, $6 of which was donated to the University. The remaining $4 covered one free drink (for the first 200 alumni), a Seton Hall mug, T-shirt, drink specials and unlimited barbecue.


The Young Alumni Club, which helped organize the Bar A experience, has members of graduates from the past 10 years. A student is considered a “young alumni” until 10 years after his or her graduation. Once 10 years pass, alumni have different committees they can join, like the Seton Hall Alumni Board.


“We like to be the reason why alumni are continuing their relationships and the bond between Seton Hall grads,” Gloor said.


Though this was the first alumni event that the graduating class of 2016 could attend, there are more programs and services to come. Alumni Relations organizes hundreds of events every year.


“We do a lot of events every year. We are almost at 200 hundred events for this year,” Gloor said.


One of the biggest events is the Alumni Gala, which is used to fund scholarships for students who are related to alumni, Gloor added.


Alumni Relations offers different services for alumni and friends, like reunions such as the Young Alumni Summer Reunion, volunteer programs and community service.


“Through these channels we are able to connect with alumni near and far,” Gloor said. “It keeps the Pirate pride generating and continues spreading that pride.”
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