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Above Restaurant and Bar hosts college night every Thursday evening. Greg Medina/Assistant Photography Editor.

South Orange has a variety of restaurants with delicious food to choose from when looking to unwind and take a much needed study break.

Sarah Cramer, a senior public relations major, said Above Restaurant and Bar is “a fun place to sit outside with friends and family when the weather is nice.”

General Manager Mario LeVecchia spoke on the ways Above supports the SHU community. They give donations to SHU clubs and sports teams as well as provide gift certificates to be sold at fundraisers and events held by different SHU organizations.

Above also currently employs seven SHU students.

LeVecchia discussed how he works with his employees who are current SHU students so that their work schedule does not interfere with their classes.

“School is number one,” LeVecchia said. “These students are not going to school to become waiters and bartenders so I understand that classes are their priority.”

Above hosts “College Night” every Thursday from 11p.m. to 1:30 a.m. with cocktail and drink specials.

“College Night at Above is a great night out for Seton Hall students. It’s really affordable so you don’t feel like you’re spending everything in your bank account,” said Alyssa Maltese, a senior journalism major.

Above has a strict policy to ensure that underage drinking does not occur by requiring two forms of photo identification. LeVecchia said he has reached out to SHU and asked them to put a date of birth on student ID’s so that students who are of legal age will not be turned away due to lack of a second form of identification. He said it is the best way to protect the students as well as the restaurant.

Above is also a favorite spot to dine when SHU students’ families visit. LeVecchia said that many family members of SHU students, especially grandparents, will contact the restaurant after having been a customer for gift certificates and Above will either send it to the family member or to the student.

The restaurant’s website describes the food as, “multinational cuisine that satisfies every palate.” The eclectic menu has everything from burgers and sandwiches to sushi as well as pizza, pasta and quesadillas.

Above has indoor and outdoor seating with a rooftop deck for customers. Above Restaurant and Bar is located on South Orange Avenue, right above Ashley’s Marketplace.

“It’s a central hotspot where you can see all your friends from classes together in one spot. There should be more South Orange businesses that cater to the college market like Above does,” Maltese said.

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