Gaslight remodel benefits SHU students


The Gaslight restaurant on South Orange Ave has been remodeled. Victoria Hess/Staff Photographer.

With a four out of five rating on its Facebook page, Gaslight, a brewery and restaurant in South Orange, is a top pick for locals looking for comfort food and original brews.

The recent remodel and additions to the small yet lively restaurant have made it more casual, more efficient and more welcoming to the college student.

Cynthia Soboti, the Gaslight executive chef, said, “We took away the formal dining room and made it more comfortable so students can feel more at ease.”

Aiming to make the dining room, now called a lounge, more user friendly was a requirement of the remodel.

“We put up five TV’s and put in electrical jacks so students can plug in if they’re doing homework or even having a meeting,” Soboti said. “We can put all of the games on, or anything the students want to see all they have to do is let the bartender know which TV they want changed.”

Ruben Antunez, a junior general arts and sciences major, said that that the restaurant is “a change of environment. It’s always cool to look at what they changed and look at the new atmosphere they have.”
A change in customers and clientele was the main focus of the project at Gaslight.

“I’m seeing more of the students coming in and sitting back here now they have a whole lounge they can sit in,” Soboti said. “All of the restaurants are geared towards college students. We have shuffleboard and darts, and we brew our own beer on premise, but all the restaurants in town try to make it nice for the kids since they are away from home.”

The owners are also looking to restart the old tradition of student shuffleboard and dart tournaments, where students can form their own teams and play against each other. Looking to make paying easier for college students, Soboti also shared their idea of creating a card for the restaurant that parents or students can put money on to make it easier for students to get their fix of burgers and fries.

Brendan Kane, a sophomore sports management and marketing major, agreed with the idea of the reloadable card similar to our ID’s.

“I really enjoy the food there, and I feel like having an opportunity like that would encourage me to go more,” he said. “The restaurant gives that authentic vibe of being a neighborhood bar and grill.”

The Gaslight restaurant is located on South Orange Ave. before the train station.

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