Dancing for a cause


Members of the SHU dance team have fun even when they aren’t dancing. Photo courtesy of Adrienne Abbazia.

The Seton Hall University Dance Team is a group that has a love of dancing and making a difference.

Adrienne Abbazia, historian of the group, said the team’s main mission is “to encourage anyone who wants to dance to come out and express themselves through this wonderful art form as well as raise money for the American Cancer Society.”

The team raises funds for the society through performing at various events including Relay for Life, Pirate-Thon, a Spring Showcase and the Jersey City Breast Cancer Walk.

Social Co-Chair Alexandra Henderson said a lyrical routine they performed at last year’s Pirate-Thon, which was choreographed to the hit tune, “Fight Song,” was “beautiful” and “meaningful” to the team, since they all are supporting the fight against cancer.

Co-Captains Alison Iachapelle and Christine Borowsky said club members get to work on team dynamics, while benefiting one’s degree.

“We help students from all different departments work with one another and form a great bond,” Borowsky said.

The team is made up of dancers from various skillsets and this allows for growth in the art of dance as well as of the individual.

Iachapelle said the aspect of self-growth in the club’s environment can be achieved through various “leadership opportunities.” The Spring Showcase is a key ingredient in the leadership facet of the Dance Team.

All members of the club have an opportunity to choreograph their own routine and members sign up to be a part of that number.

Henderson remarked that this is not only a “great opportunity to be on stage” but also a chance to “give your all to the team” in a unique way.

“It is amazing to see how far the team has come with dance quality, overall teamwork, and how many members we have retained.” Abazzia said. “Each year membership has grown because everyone is coming out to express themselves through dance.”

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Author: Claudia Emanuele

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