The Setonian will be part of Seton Hall’s change

The Voice

Change is all around us.

This applies to our country, our community and, of course, the school we attend.

If you take a look around, Seton Hall is just beginning what is sure to be a major transitional period. The  new “Master Plan” is being implemented,  with a new medical school, the College of Communication and the Arts and campus construction already underway.
These changes are designed  to improve the SHU community.

Improving Seton Hall will be The Setonian’s intention as well.

We are aiming to make a difference. We are determined, through objective reporting, creative storytelling and – when necessary – critical opinion, to better this University in ways both big and small.

What we do will not always fall in line with what the University wants, but that will not deter us.
Already in this first issue, we have addressed the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community at a Catholic institution. We will continue to do so.

We will address ever-changing enrollment goals and how the presidential election impacts our student body. We have an assortment of features and series already in the works that will highlight the good and bad of some of Seton Hall’s most high-profile administrators, faculty, athletes, students and organizations. We will cover all the construction, new educational opportunities and other happenings with an inquisitive thirst for new information.

There will be challenges – our newspaper has gone through some changes itself. We have modified our “Pirate Life” section to “Campus Life” to better reflect the section’s direction. Our website and social media platforms are still expanding. Our editorial team is younger than it has been in years.

Still, The Setonian is stronger and more united than ever. We all share in this vision to serve our community. We will take our motto, “The Voice of the Seton Hall Community,” seriously. We plan to speak up.

We plan to be part of the change.

The Voice is intended to best represent the collective opinion of The Setonian’s editorial board. It is written by The Setonian’s Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor.

Author: Editorial Board

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