Take a break from finals, celebrate Mother’s Day

via floranext.com

via floranext.com

Mother’s Day is around the corner which means that people will start to think of creative ideas to show their appreciation.

Charlette Dennis, a junior broadcasting major, said that she is going with her family’s tradition of gifting her mom with roses and spending time together as a family. “We do something intimate at home because it is too crowded outside,” Dennis said.

Blair Goldstein, a freshman criminal justice major, said that she will be having lunch with her grandmother and mother.

Because Mother’s Day, held on May 8, right in the middle of finals, some students have said that they have no idea how they are celebrating the day yet. For instance, for some, there is simply not going to be a celebration. “No, I am not celebrating Mother’s Day,” Sarah Keefe, a freshman undecided major, said.

Yunseung Katheryn Lee, a freshman diplomacy and international relations major, said she is prepared to give a gift and write her mother a letter.

Julianna Garcia, a freshman undecided major, said she will be making her mother a card and some breakfast.

A movie titled ‘Mother’s Day’ released on April 29. The comedy is about how people come to terms with their relationship with their mothers. If your mom loves movies then this could be a way to celebrate together.

While if you surf through Facebook, there are videos which involve Mother’s Day. For example, Pandora uses an experiment to show how mothers are able to find their child’s message to her. This serves as a reminder that your mom will always understand you, and it is also an advertisement which states that jewelry could make a good present.

There are many ways of showing your appreciation, but if you are too busy with finals this year, do not forget that there is always the option of calling home. A five minutes call and an ‘I love you’ could be a present.

Valerie Qiu Wen Ong can be reached at valerieqiuwen.ong@student.shu.edu.

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  1. I wish next year I’ll be able to celebrate mother’s day with four of my children besides me because life is too short , so it can be memorable, I’m a mother of 4 beautiful girl, one of them is still in Africa no visa , the three girls are here in london , two of them were taken away from me, not because I’m not caring mum, they use there own judgment on me, which was very unjust and did not go to the bottom, instead of putting family’s together they split us, by his grace I have made it up with my kids, I’m talking of local authorities but I hope and pray one day I’ll be able to produce a story of my life, with Africa cultural background. I’m in tears when writing. No one is perfect no matter what, I wish they could have corrected my errors work with me and my family than separating us. I have neither silver , diamond or gold but my children are my wealth. By his grace I’m back with them even though the two are still with them. So there I’m spending mother’s day apart from them. Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mother’s there. It the greatest joy to be a mum.

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