Out-of-state students show state pride at SHU


In the heart of New Jersey, Seton Hall functions like most of Jersey: fast paced, busy and spirited.

While many in-state students are used to the hustle and bustle of the garden state, some out-of-state students come from hometowns which might be different.

Allanna McCann, a freshman biology major from Florida said she brings her hometown pride to SHU by wearing many “Simply Southern” shirts, Florida team sweatshirts and Disney garb. McCann said that she continues to root for her favorite home teams.

“Go Noles! I’m a diehard FSU fan. Over the Thanksgiving break I watched the UF v. FSU game instead of staying at my cousin’s wedding reception. With FSU you either go big or go home,” she added.

One of the biggest adjustments for McCann was leaving the Floridian warmth for Jersey’s relative cold.

“I don’t think I’ve ever worn this many layers in Florida because the lowest it gets is 36 degrees,” McCann said.

“Then there’s the cliché driving aspect of it. Everyone here is always in a hurry whether it’s walking, driving, or talking. In Florida you learn to just relax. If you have 15 mins to catch a movie you don’t race down the road to get there, you just go at a reasonable pace and if you miss the previews it’ll be fine,” she added. “New Jersey is just so fast paced whereas in Florida, we just kind of learn to go with the flow and ride the waves.”

Iulia Lupse, a freshman diplomacy major and Illinois native, said she is enjoying New Jersey so far.

“I love New Jersey. I love the fact that there are some hills around here, as I could not stand the flat land anymore. I also thoroughly enjoy the diversity and the fact that NYC is so close by,” she said.

Lupse said that she has not forgotten her roots and has brought her hometown pride to SHU by sporting a Blackhawks hat very often around campus.

“I keep up with all my home teams, even the ones I do not like. The one thing I’ve gotten used to in Chicago is that no matter whether you are a Bears fan or a Green Bay Packers fan, you must respect any Chicago team that is out there. To me, that is really cool,” she added.

Although a big change, Lupse said that she is definitely happy to be in New Jersey because Illinois seems very boring compared to Jersey.

Students leave their hometown, but have made a new home in the heart of Jersey, home to delicious bagels, “The Jersey Shore,” and Pirates.

Sarah Auerbach can be reached at sarah.auerbach@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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