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The pre-summer jitters have come to an end to kick-off a bucket list of summer fun for the next three months, but it won’t be for everyone.

Students register for summer courses and while some classes may not be interesting or offered during the summer 2015 semester, there are a few which have peaked in popularity at Seton Hall University.

According to SHU’s Piratenet website, biology, chemistry and nursing courses are the most popular based on enrollment numbers.

Specifically, Human Anatomy Physiology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Child and Family Nursing and Nursing Pathophysiology are considered the most popular in terms of the number of students enrolled in these science courses.

“Summer classes gives us more of an ability to work hard,” said Kedwina Remy, a junior nursing major who is taking three summer classes. “It enhances our work ethic and when I take these courses right after the spring semester, it makes it more realistic of future job habits.”

The science and medicine courses are not the only popular classes offered during the summer semester. History courses such as World History, Western Civilization and American History combined include more than 100 students who are taking web-based or on-campus classes.

If students are not taken back in time through studying history, then they are crunching some numbers as about 100 students are enrolled in math courses.

While some students are registered for summer classes to speed up their undergraduate years, others are taking it as a chance to study abroad. And who wouldn’t want to study in a place that is enriched with culture, history and interesting people?

There are a significant number of students who are taking Elementary Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, and Study Abroad Alicante in Spain.

“If I had the chance, I would take elective courses in the summer which in the normal traditional semester, you can’t really fit into your schedule because of major classes,” said Hydeia Austin, a senior social behavioral sciences major. “I wouldn’t say these classes- like the ones I’m taking like Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Intermediate Spanish II- are the most popular, but there are a lot of people who take them because it’s part of their major requirements like biology classes so sometimes they might have to take these classes in the summer.”

While there are a number of students who register for these summer courses and opportunities, don’t forget that there is still time to soak up in the sun and enjoy some summer fun with family and friends.

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