Gentlemen of the Hall plan for roadtrips, serenades

The Gentlemen of the Hall, Seton Hall’s men’s a cappella group has some new and exciting things planned for the spring semester.

The end of the year concert is scheduled for May 1 in the Jubilee Hall auditorium at 8 p.m., according to Robert Peterson, a junior music education major.

“The show will be an hour long performance showcasing our entire set list and a few skits,” said Nicholas Owens, a junior broadcasting major. “We are figuring out a plan to go to different schools to perform with other groups and in general we plan on doing a few impromptu performances around campus to not only get the word out about our group, but to entertain the students here at Seton Hall.”

Owens also spoke of the group’s plans to advertise paid serenades where people can pay the singers to sing to their friends or significant others.

“Keep an eye on our Facebook page to get the official word on that,” he said.

Kevin Scimecca, a junior journalism major, is the founder and music director of the Gentlemen of the Hall. He spoke of the group’s plans to tour in Washington, D.C. later this spring.

“The Gents were invited to perform at American University with one of its co-ed a cappella groups and we plan on going later in the spring and staying for a few days. We’re also reaching out to other groups at schools in the D.C. area like Georgetown, George Washington and others to see if we can perform with them,” he added. “Going to our nation’s capital as a group is something we are really looking forward to and doing something that brings us together will make this an incredible experience.”

The Gents have also responded to the recent formation of the women’s a cappella group on campus. Scimecca said, “We’re looking forward to cooperating with the new women’s group to help strengthen the a cappella community on campus.”

“I’m excited to see what the rest of the semester has to offer The Gents and our progress only goes up from here,” Scimecca said.

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