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If you want to strike a pose or learn to live a tranquil lifestyle, there’s a club for that.

The Holistic Health and Yoga Club teaches students different forms of yoga and holistic health. The main goal of the club is to help students find a connection with their mind, body and the world around them. The club was founded by junior Sarah Nocito, the club’s president, and sophomore Marianna Eboli, vice president, during spring 2014.

The two founders wanted to “help students live a more mindful, healthy lifestyle,” Nocito said.

The club would like to help other students learn about good nutrition, alternative medicine choices, meditation and healthy, organic lifestyles by stressing holistic health.

“Holistic health is about being the best you can be from the inside out,” Eboli said.

Another aspect the club tries to teach students more about the practice of yoga and the different forms it comes in. The word “yoga” itself means union, coming from within or from outside. The ultimate goal of practicing yoga is not only to find union, but it also reduces stress, aids in digestion, increases strength and helps the immune system. Yoga is not about being good at doing certain stretches or being flexible, it is about finding peace in yourself, finding peace in others and finding peace with the world, according to Nocito.

“Once students find balance personally, that balance may extend outward to their connection with others in the community,” Nocito said.

In the future, the club looks forward to engaging with the University’s Catholic mission in practicing the yoga form of karma, the selfless form of yoga, taught to freshmen during Journey of Transformation.

Club members plan to volunteer their time doing community service in different kinds of communities to give back to the world around them, Nocito said.

The club meets every Wednesday at 5 p.m. with locations to be determined. The club representatives and members encourage all of the students, and even faculty, to come out and learn about alternative ways of living a healthy life and how to become involved with the practice of yoga.

“We encourage all our participants to give their input,” Eboli said. “If there’s something they are passionate about, that can promote healthy living, we would love to learn about it too.”

If you want to challenge yourself to become a yoga master, see interesting pictures of yoga poses, or simply just want to be linked in, follow the Holistic Health and Yoga Club’s Instagram page @ HHY_SHU. Namaste pirates.

Shaygne Rodriguez can be reached at Shaygne.rodriquez@student.shu.edu.

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