Move-In Day: There’s an App for That

Move-in day is nearing and there is an empty, bare-walled dorm room awaiting your arrival. Before you move in, the overwhelming feeling sinks in because there is so much to do…so much to buy…so much to move in. From the recommended, but hardly used, Ethernet cable to your favorite pair of jammies, there is a simple, yet high-tech solution that will solve your serious problem of what to bring with you to college. Yup, there’s an app for that.

Leave that notepad and pencil on your mother’s desk and pick up your iPhone to view and edit your shopping lists. Apps such as College Packing List and The College Checklist enable you to manage your checklist virtually and even better your master list has already been created.

College Packing List, a free app, has six categories including Dorm, Kitchen, Class, Bathroom, Clothes and Miscellaneous. Each of these categories has subcategories such as bed, school supplies, medical, and laundry supplies. Under each category items are listed which you can check off once purchased. Although the lists are general, they can be personalized by adding items. Then you can track your productivity with the percent complete box, making move-in day easy and manageable.

The College Checklist, which costs 99 cents, provides a suggested list of 178 items across nine categories similar to the former. This app is geared more toward females, according to the app description.

Rather than scrolling through the lists to find an item, there is even a search feature. You can add or delete items and even change the quantity of items provided. The College Checklist enables you to share your shopping list with anyone via email.

With these apps assisting you, getting all your dorm room essentials is simple…the real challenge is moving it all in.

Author: Michelle Foti

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