Paul Reiser to perform stand-up at SOPAC

Paul Reiser has accomplished just about everything an entertainer possibly can. He created and starred in a hit television series, the long-running sitcom “Mad About You.” He’s had a successful movie career. He’s a bestselling author. He’s even a musician whose song “The Final Frontier” has the distinction of being the only one played on Mars.

And while he said he’s proud of all his achievements, Reiser said he’s especially fond of his first passion – stand-up comedy.

“I’ve been lucky that I’ve gotten to do all these things that I love,” he said. “Having said that, there’s something extra special about doing stand-up. That’s what I started doing. That’s sort of what I love doing best, to be honest.”

Seton Hall students will get the chance to see the legendary performer do what he enjoys most when he comes to the South Orange Performing Arts Center Friday. Reiser, who is originally from New York, said he’s looking forward to appearing close to home.

“It’s always a good 20 percent funnier back home,” he said. “I don’t know what it is, but when I play in my area it’s always an extra kick.”

Hearing the audience laugh is the best part of being a comedian, according to Reiser. He said he prefers the simplicity of just telling jokes on stage for a group of people.

“(Stand-up) is a simple and immediate gratification, whereas a movie and TV you can spend months and months writing and developing, but there’s a lot of people involved,” Reiser said. “It’s never easy, whereas stand-up is just you.”

But Reiser isn’t done with acting. He’s filming a recurring role on the upcoming FX series “Married,” and he said he recently sold an idea for a new series he’ll star in.

Perhaps it will become the next “Mad About You,” which Reiser said he’s touched to hear fans still talking to him about.

Until then, he’ll continue pursuing his love of stand-up, unless he gets the call to fulfill the one dream he hasn’t yet accomplished.

“I’m still hoping to play centerfield for the Yankees,” Reiser said. “I sit by the phone, but I assume maybe they didn’t know my number changed.”

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