SHU Venture Crew fundraise to help school in Honduras

One of Seton Hall’s missions has always been to give to less fortunate people and places through community service and this past spring semester through summer the SHU Venture Crew fundraised for a special school in Honduras.

The reason this school is special is because a former SHU alumni works at the school.

One of the Venture Crew members, Kara Caroccio said Christina Fuerst, the alumna working in Honduras, started teaching first grade English and basic life skills in Honduras in January and will be there for nine months.

Kara added that Fuerst was also a Venture Crew member when she attended Seton Hall.

“Christina was a former Venture Crew member and was really happy and grateful when she found out about our fundraising,” Caroccio said.

According to Caroccio, the Venture Crew raised $200 plus school supplies to send to Honduras.

Caroccio said most of the fundraising was done by the members, however their friends and family helped out, as well.

“Venture crew members went around their dorm buildings collecting money in festive envelopes while explaining Christina’s story with the school she is working for in Honduras,” Caroccio said.

Caroccio added that most of the members donated money themselves.

“Whenever Venture Crew members could fundraise, they did so,” Caroccio said. “They contacted family members and searched for non-open school supplies to send to Christina’s school.”

Caroccio said she would like to see more students becoming involved in the Venture Crew.

“We are hoping to grow as an organization on campus and spread the word about our team work and donation based project in Honduras,” Caroccio said.

Caroccio said she felt very special to be able to help Fuerst’s school because she admires how Fuerst could leave her entire life behind to help teach children in need.

“I admire her bravery,” Caroccio said. “It warmed my heart to do something as simple as send children’s reading books to her and her students so they can read together and learn.”

Fuerst sent an email to the Venture Crew to give thanks for all they did for her school after the supplies were received.

“The supplies, the flash cards and books have already helped the students succeed in learning English,” Fuerst said. “Thank you, thank you for helping my students and the school. Makes me proud to call myself a Seton Hall pirate.”

Caroccio added that students should always look for what interests them when trying to be involved in fundraisers like these or any type of school organization.

“Get involved in something you enjoy doing. There is always a club for someone’s interest,” Caroccio said. “With clubs on campus, there are always fundraisers to get involved in.”

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