Train album features new sound for band

Just in time for summer, Train delivers a pop-sensation that’s worth rolling down the windows and blasting.

With their last hits “Hey Soul Sister,” “Save Me San Francisco” and “Marry Me,” it did not seem possible that Train could do any better. While Train’s new album, “California 37,” does not have an entire No.1 track list, it offers many great songs that could easily be on top of the charts.

For their seventh album, Train offers a variety of styles, from a ukulele to a gospel chorus in the song “When the Fog Rolls In.” Some songs are pop heavy, while some have a sweet serenade.

Their single “Drive By,” with the catchy verse singing “i-i-i-i,” might be assumed to be their best song on the album as it is their first sin­gle. However, “Feels Good At First” features an acoustic guitar that accompanies the romantic idea that love is all good feelings-that is, until it changes. “California 37” has very different sound than Train is known for, as they incorporate a club or techno sound. But somehow the com­bination works with lead singer Patrick Mona­han’s rapid words.

The carefree sound of songs like “You Can Fi­nally Meet My Mom” and “Sing Together” mis­direct the listener from the grave subject matter. While people have the natural reaction to mourn the death of a loved one, Monahan finds a reason to celebrate, such as his wife being able to meet his mom in Heaven, and that him and his wife will be together even after they die. His upbeat attitude and differ­ent perspective on dying make the songs still pleasant to listen to.

There are an excessive number of pop culture references and celebri­ties named throughout the album, especially present in “This’ll Be My Year” and “We Were Made For This.” Although the catchy mind­lessness of the lyrics is fun to listen to, it can be somewhat ridiculous for listeners who enjoy meaning behind the lyrics. However, Train executes the flow of the lyrics well, and while the names are noticeable, they does not distract from the song.

Train’s album takes chances with new styles unfamiliar to the band’s original sound. Overall, the songs have potential to be new favorites and hits Train will be known for until their next album comes out.

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