SHU keeps good ‘Company’

Seton Hall-based “progres­sive punk and indie elec­tronic” band, The Company Kept, are looking to make their mark on the music scene. From playing shows to recording professionally, the band is poised to be well on their way to some local recognition.

The band, which consists of junior Pat Daley (guitar), senior Tom Hickey (bass), junior Maria Shell (keyboard and vocals), sophomore Paul Singh (guitar and vocals) and freshman Dan Chiera (drums), recently recorded in New York City’s Night Owl studios.

“We just finished cutting a single,” Daley said. “We are in the pro­cess of getting it all mixed and mastered and getting it ready for people to hear it.”

According to Daley, the single, while it is not yet ready for release, will be the first professionally recorded track listeners can hear. This summer, the band has plans to re­turn to the studio to embark on the recording of their first EP.

“We have some recordings we did in Maria’s basement, those are our demos we have online right now,” Daley said. “Recording in the studio is great, though. We can’t wait to get back in there and get our stuff out.”

Hickey agreed.

“It was cool (recording) ’cause I felt like we were actually making something real out of a hobby,” he said.

The band, which used to be called What We’re Not before the finalization of the lineup with Chiera, takes their name from “an old saying that you can judge a person by the company they keep,” according to Daley. He said that it is through the support of friends that they have been able to achieve what they have so far.

According to Daley, the band’s attitude of surrounding themselves to positivity extends to the writing process.

“At the end of the day it is always sort of a collaborative effort,” he said. “One of the cool things is that no one is afraid to be honest about the other person’s part. We never feel like we are not as good, it is more just about really wanting to get the music right and creating something that we are proud of.”

With a slew of shows upcoming, The Company Kept is looking to expand their fan base.

“We just want to get our name out there,” Hickey said. “But, really, I just enjoy making music. If people ever want to hear it, that’s cool too.”

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