President, dean panel celebrate academic excellence through Petersheim expo

The opening reception of the 16 Annual Petersheim Academic Exposition was held on Tuesday in the Chancellor’s Suite with the theme of “Share, Honor, Unite.”

At the Opening Ceremony, six University deans offered their insights on “Strength to Strength” from an Academic Perspective.

President A. Gabriel Esteban opened the event with a welcome speech.

“This is an impressive celebration of academic excellence and collaboration,” Esteban said. “In these five days, we share, honor and unite in shining a spotlight on and celebrating the best examples of scholastic achievement.”

Esteban explained that although one component in the 10-year strategic plan includes the campus master plan, it is not the basis of the plan, nor Seton Hall.

“The core of our plan is our investment in our people our students, our faculty, our staff and our community. It is a commitment to academic excellence,” Esteban said.

Esteban’s speech was followed by Joseph DePierro, Ph.D., dean of the College of Education and Human Services; Dr. Chrysanthy Grieco, Ph.D., dean of University Libraries; Joan Guetti, Ph.D., Interim dean of the College of Arts & Sciences; Phyllis Hansell, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Nursing, Brian Shulman, Ph.D., dean of the School of Health and Medical Sciences; and Joyce Strawser, Ph.D., dean of the Stillman School of Business.

DePierro spoke about the work the College of Education and Human Services has done in terms of accreditations to ultimately move the college ahead as they approach their second reaccreditation process in 2016.

According to Grieco, the advisement and placement process is important for the first year of college, however she said she hopes for it to matter “all four years and above.”

Grieco said class size and how the faculty works hand-in-hand helps make the university strong, but ultimately, “our biggest strength is in our moral, ethical and spiritual mission.” As a member of the strategic planning committee, Guetti said the faculty at Seton Hall is compiled of excellence, many of whom are published. She said people of this nature will be able to replenish the many who will be retiring.

Hansell said the rise in the nursing department is because nurses are what define the term “servant leader” because they address “numerous underserved populations”.

She then explained that when she started at Seton Hall, there were 300 students in the nursing program, and now there are over 1,000. The increase is due to alumni involvement.

To add to the medical expertise, Shulman said the School of Health and Medical Sciences is partaking in a strategic planning process as well as engaging in the University’s outlines strategic plan. Shulman discussed the importance of international outreach and added that this summer, they will hold the second International Innovation Collaboration, which will include representatives from Denmark and Norway.

To close the dean speeches, Strawser said that as a whole, “we need to unite and we need to work together.”

Strawser said there are two initiatives for the year, one of which allows students to manage a portion of Seton Hall’s finances, called the “Hall Street Fund”.

According to Strawser, the goal is for the students to control $200,000. She said that so far, due to the excitement of the program, there have been donations totaling to $700.

Strawser explained that another group of students worked with alum to create a product called SHU BAM. Strawser described SHU BAM as a room freshener, which costs $3.99, and is sold in the University Bookstore, with all profits going back to the Center for Entrepreneurial Research. He explained that the students involved preformed real market research and testings.

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