job forecast worries some, relieves others

A list of 200 jobs published on released last week is leaving some students feeling nervous in their choice of major.

The list ranks jobs based on work environment, stress level, physical demands and hiring outlook, which are all rated on a 50-point scale.

Ranking in the top ten are software engineer, actuary, human resources manager, dental hygienist, financial planner, audiologist, occupational therapist, online advertising manager, computer systems analyst and mathematician.

Occupational therapy major Jackie Felteau said she’s always loved her major and is happy to be a part of the field.

“Hearing that this occupation is high on this list really helps me to feel more confident and happy with my major choice,” Felteau said.

While the ranking makes Felteau confident in her choice of career, she said that she believes someone should do what they love despite the money.

“Basically what I am saying is that even if OT was on the bottom of this list, I probably wouldn’t change my major.”

Another major featured on the top half of the list was public relations, which ranked No. 70.

Ashley Manz, a public relations major, was pleased with the ranking and has already secured a job after graduation.

“I just received a job offer from the place that I have been interning at, Beckerman Public Relations,” Manz said. “I think the ranking is accurate.”

Manz said that despite the ranking, she was nervous about finding a job in the field.

“When you want something, all you have to do is set your mind to it and work hard and you will get a job,” Manz said.

Jobs that were featured on the bottom half of the list were shoe maker, broadcaster, butcher, dishwasher, meter reader, waiter/waitress, newspaper reporter, oil rig worker, enlisted military soldier, dairy farmer and lumber jack.

No broadcast or journalism major returned request for comment by press time.

Mark Vitale, a secondary education major, is a little nervous of his career’s ranking on the list. Vitale is considering a job as a high school teacher which ranks No. 137, on the bottom half of the list.

“I am nervous about getting a job in the future especially after spending a lot of money on education,” Vitale said.

According to Vitale, if he cannot find a job within his field he plans to attend graduate school and receive his masters in school counseling.

“If I can’t find a job I’m probably going to go to grad school and get my Masters in School Counseling, however, I am very open to moving wherever the jobs are.”

Despite the low ranking Vitale said he feels that Seton Hall prepares their students well to go into their fields of study.

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