Bold’ campaign earned votes and win for new SGA president

Seton Hall students know Joseph Donato as the new SGA president who made his way around every corner of campus to hand out fly­ers and inform students about his campaign during elections.

Donato said he will continue to show commitment toward the university as the newly appointed president.

“I chose to run for Student Body President because I am committed to serving this University and my fellow students,” Donato said.

Donato said serving two years on the student senate gave him the edge he needed to know exactly how to help student and the Uni­versity as a whole. .

“After two years on the student senate, I am well aware of the challenges facing our University, the student body and the surround­ing community,” Donato said.

Donato stressed the point that the student body as a whole needs to work together to get what needs to be done.

According to Donato, there are vacant senate seats that need to be filled and cabinet officials need to be appointed.

Donato said he will try to fill po­sitions that will help improve stu­dent life and participation on and off campus.

“The work that stands before us cannot be accomplished imme­diately and it cannot be accom­plished by a few dedicated indi­viduals,” Donato said. “We must have the support and cooperation of students from across this cam­pus.”

Donato said his greatest chal­lenge is spreading excitement about SGA. He is creating a web­site to help keep students in tune with all of the plans that are being put into progress for the Univer­sity.

Donato added that he encourages students to check out his Facebook page, which will keep students up­dated on his platform.

“I ran on a very detailed and ambitious platform and I intend to work toward the accomplishment of every point,” Donato said.

Donato said he will also be meeting with University adminis­tration, Gourmet Dining Services representatives, Greek life and Housing and Residence Life to form a plan with them for the fall semester.

After he graduates, he plans to attend law school with the hopes of becoming a Judge Advocate General in the United States Army or an attorney of constitutional law for the U.S. Department of Justice, Donato said.

Donato added that he wants to continue working in politics.

Donato said his campaign was run on boldness, honesty, experi­ence, dedication, desire to bring leadership to the campus and sup­port of the students.

“I am thrilled and honored to have this show of confidence and support from my fellow students and I pledge that I will work tire­lessly to make their voices heard and represent their interests,” Do­nato said.

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Author: Lindsay Rittenhouse

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