Visualizing ‘four’ a new point of view

Looking for something different, local and inexpensive to do this coming weekend? The Pierro Gallery, housed in the Baird Center, is the place for you to go.

Located about five minutes from Seton Hall, the Pierro Gallery provides a way for students to view the works of talented artists without having to venture all the way into the city. The gallery’s new exhibit, “Four Points of View,” offers viewers a look into the world through the perspectives of four different artists.

The gallery is comprised of three different sections and shows seven works from each of the four artists. The gallery showcased a wide array of artists from different backgrounds as well as a vast variety of styles of art, from painting to textiles to masks to paper cutouts.

The gallery includes work from four artists: Pilar Almon, of South Orange, Beatrice Coron of New York, Haeley Kyong of Franklin Lakes, N.J. and Myra Serrins of Connecticut. However, the two standout artists in the gallery are Kyong and Almon.

Kyong’s art is extremely unique and notably modern; her paintings can be described as simplistic yet intriguing. She uses geometric figures to tell a story through art as in “Nine Months,” a painting that will leave the viewer both captivated while struggling to find the work’s ultimate meaning.

Almon, an artist who grew up in Barcelona, uses her painting to depict childhood experiences. Her paintings have a distinctively eerie feeling to them.

One of Almon’s painting entitled “The Bird Girls” depicts school girls with human bodies but with bird faces.

Almon’s oil painting, “Naturalist Series II,” is so vibrant and colorful that the images, especially the snake, seem as if they were popping out of the canvas.

There were a few negatives about the gallery, most notably its location. Situated adjacent to a sports field, the noise from the outside often created a distraction.

Also, the gallery has limited hours and there are not a wide range of hours available to view these fine works of art. With finals looming, busy college students may find it challenging to work a visit to the Baird into their schedule.

However, students are encouraged to take the short walk from campus to the Baird, if only to take their minds off of papers and exams.

The Pierro gallery does provide for a more intellectually stimulating environment than Facebook, too.

The gallery is open from now through Dec. 19, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. and Dec. 2 from 7 to 9 p.m. Best of all, it is free to the public.

Anyone who is interested in art or just wants to go some place unique and artsy should definitely visit the exhibit before it is too late.

For more information about the “Four Points of View” exhibit visit

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