Intermural football playoffs ready to begin

The 2010 Intramural Flag Football league regular season ended and the playoffs are underway, which started Nov. 1.

In admiration for the level of competition as the regular season ended, Mike Pierce, member of team T4ML said, “The teams that are ranked had high expectations this year, but there have been many upsets. With the upsets in the league it shows how unpredictable these teams are.”

On Monday night the NFL division, the highest level of competition, played the first round of the playoffs.

The first-seeded Braveheart Gladiators defeated eighth seed Illuminati Swag, 45-6, advancing to the semi-finals.

What Homework, the second seed, defeated seventh seed Dirty Hamsters 51-13, also advancing to the semi-finals.

“The playoff set up was great, it puts the top against the bottom tier teams to give the best matchups later on in the playoff picture,” Marvin Carter, another member of team T4ML said. “Bottom line is that teams come to play and they come to win.”

On Tuesday night, the other half of the NFL divisional playoff bracket took place. Fourth- seeded Taylor Gang automatically advanced to the semi-finals because the Skulls never bothered showing up resulting in a forfeit.

The only matchup left was between third seed T4ML and sixth seed Second Coming. Second Comings pulled the upset with a 59-29 win over T4ML.

The NFL division is unpredictable, according to Mr. Hall, editor of the intramural sports blog.

The NFL division’s unpredictability was proven to be true with the sixth seed team, Second Comings making it past the first round of the playoffs.

The semi-final matchups are set for next week, (1) Braveheart Gladiators against (6) Second Coming and (2) What Homework against (4) Taylor Gang.

Intramural Flag Football is the closest thing Seton Hall students get to playing collegiate football, and they are having a lot of fun playing according to several flag football participants.

“I think the season’s going great. There was a lot of trash talking by a lot of teams and I feel as though it keeps the league interesting and competitive,” Devante Lewis-Jackson, captain of team T4ML said.

The fan attendance is much higher this year than previous years, according to Lewis-Jackson

Also, Lewis-Jackson’s team was originally named the Get it Boyz, but changed it to T4ML (Touchdowns 4 Moore Love) in remembrance of Jessica A. Moore, victim of an off-campus shooting.

Teams are very passionate about the league, and their emotion for the game is showed on and off the field.

The playoffs for the other divisions in the Intramural Flag Football league are in progress as well.

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