SGA discusses off-campus safety

After a touching prayer from Student Government Association President Melissa Boege, the Sept. 27 meeting was called to order in light of the shooting that took the life of sophomore Jessica Moore.

Business was conducted as usual with the exception of a request for a moment of silence.

In response to safety concerns, Village Liaison Chair Kelsey Coolidge has been working with SGA to create an off-campus security awareness day, tentatively scheduled for Oct. 21.

Speakers and demonstrations will take place all day on campus. Part of the day would include taking community officials, such as the police chief and fire marshal, on a walk of the most commonly used routes by Seton Hall students.

The Student Life Committee reported that they dropped the request to have the CASE van go farther than a half mile from campus. This was in response to the increased SHUFLY hours.

Finance also approved PRSSA’s request of $150 for their film showing as well as Beta Alpha Psi’s request of $425 for a networking event.

Several new senators, who were able to cast their first vote at this meeting, were sworn in also.

A bulk of the meeting was spent over the Tray-Less Initiative, a motion to get rid of the trays in the cafeteria.

Without trays, less food, water and energy would be wasted, according to Boege. Trays would be available to students who request them. The trays would be gone as early as Fall Break.

Gourmet Dining Services has been supportive of the resolution, according to Boege. As a trade-off for the trays, students would be able to fill out a form and then pick-up the order the next night from the cafeteria, creating a type of take-out system.

However, there was great debate about the Tray-Less Initiative, until President Melissa Boege withdrew it.

Numerous senators asked that the student body be polled to find out if the lack of trays would be supported or not.

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