Jimmy Eat World discusses ‘inventive’ album

After two years of production, pop-rock icons Jimmy Eat World’s seventh album, “Invented,” has finally hit stores.

“It feels really good for us,” drummer Zach Lind said. “We worked for a long time on our record and when we get a chance to release it…Just to get it finalized and get it out – it’s always a good feeling to release a record.”

Fans have a lot to look forward to with this release, including a deluxe album that contains five additional tracks, including the acoustic versions of “Coffee and Cigarettes” and “Mixtape,” and new songs “You and I,” “Precision” and a demo version of “Anais.”

“Invented” shows the band exploring new musical territories. With lyrics inspired by still life photography books by Cindy Sherman, the band wrote many songs from a female perspective, such as “Cut.”

They also made female vocalist, Courtney Andrews, a prominent part of the album.

With these new additions and arrangements, “Invented” displays the group’s growing diversity. The album contains slow and meaningful songs and fast, upbeat, rock anthems.

“There are some songs that are really stripped down and it’s really minimal and then there are songs that have a lot going on and it’s really intense,” Lind said. “I think that’s one of the cool things about the record: that there’s a lot of variety on it.”

Lind described the single, “My Best Theory,” as multilayered and therefore one of the most difficult songs to record, especially on the drums.

“Action Needs an Audience” “is a straight ahead rock song and was a lot of fun to play,” Lind said. “Higher Devotion” has a similar rock theme to it, but both have unique sounds.

Lind said that he feels the most connection to the title track, “Invented,” because of the song’s recording process.

Despite being over seven minutes, the song endures without growing tiresome and captures the listener with its rapid dynamics.

“I think it’s gonna be especially [for] people who like our older stuff. I think they’ll like that song a lot,” he Lind said of “Invented.” “I think they’ll like that song a lot.”

Quieter cuts like “Stop,” “Cut” and “Heart is Hard to Find” are slower, but still catchy, and have similar, meaningful themes about how difficult relationships with others can be.

Although Lind said that he hopes the fans enjoy the music, he is not thinking about what fans they will get from listening to the album.

“At least from our perspective and the way we work, it’s about what we think,” he said. “That we’re a hundred percent happy with what we’ve created and once we put it out there. Of course we hope people enjoy the music, but we’re not necessarily worried about what fans will get out of the record. I’m sure it’s just the creative experience of making the record that we’re satisfied at the end of the done with what we’ve done.”

The band will be on tour from now until late November.

Patrice Kubik can be reached at patrice.kubik@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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