Rain does not deter Lollanoboozers

Lollanobooza, Seton Hall’s sobriety themed music festival, was held Thursday night in the Main Lounge.

Originally planned as an outdoor event, the festivities moved to the University Center due to weather. Students were able to play games, win prizes and listen to live music.

According to Meghan Codey, assistant director for special events, approximately 960 student IDs were swiped and over 1,000 wristbands were distributed.

The concert was held to show students they can have a good time without drinking.

“Seton Hall was given a grand opportunity with the state division of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC),” Andrew Brereton, vice president for Student Affairs and a Lollanobooza coordinator, said. “Every year they give out money for schools to host underage binge drinking prevention events. ABC actually provided money for only two colleges in the state, so we were lucky to get the funding.”

The event did its best to live up to the ‘Loud, Proud and Sober’ tagline.

“Lollanobooza shows that you can have fun without booze,” Omar Ahmad, music director at WSOU, said. “WSOU worked hard to make this event happen, and we hope everyone gets the message while having a good time.”

Each organization co-sponsoring the event spread the message of sobriety with unique activities for students.

One organization, Chi Upsilon Sigma, held a balloon popping contest with sobriety themed trivia cards.

Seton Hall’s Student Alumni Association was also present at the event.

“The reason we’re here is with the message of sobriety but we’re also here to reach out to the student body about events and getting them more involved with what’s going on the campus,” Mike Lavalle, president of the Student Alumni Association, said.

Students started to arrive at 8 p.m.

Three bands, Cypher Seer, Sexy Heroes! and Disaster Fantastic, played during the concert.

“I’m a musician myself, and I really wanted to check out these bands,” senior business major Paul Sannitti said.

Some students were enticed by the benefit of priority points, as well as COMPASS credit.

“I came for the priority points really,” freshman English major Dana Amato said. “But that was at first. I actually started digging the band after I got here.”

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