Fall and winter trends grace the semester with style

New York’s Fashion Week has come and gone and, with it, left behind many new style ideas for the spring.

For those unaware of Fashion Week, it is the two weeks in the year when fashion designers and labels can show off their latest ideas in front of every magazine, reporter and other designer imaginable.

There are multiple Fashion Weeks for different cities spanning the globe, but for our general vicinity we usually think of one: New York.

Fashion Week is a curious thing; the fall line occurs sometime in February, while the spring line premiers in the beginning or middle of September.

But because colder months are ahead, the time has come to put away our trendy new spring clothes for something more along the lines of thermals and warm jackets.

As junior Jessica Camp says, fall is “the most exciting time for clothes.”

The scarves are coming out; the jackets, pea coats and fuzzy hats are being pulled from the closet, and I am here to help you sort through that mountain of clothing to make a couple of great, warm outfits for everyday situations.

From going to class to just lounging in the Pirate’s Cove this article is meant for the college student on a budget!

Trends this year seem to go back to the basics: sweaters, button downs, turtle necks and jeans. Light, mute colors such as grays are almost a staple in winter clothes.

For guys, you might want to try out the shirt and tie with jeans look. Not only can a long-sleeve shirt keep you warm, it adds a layered look to your clothing that makes the others around you just feel warm by looking at you.

For jackets, it is always a good idea to wear a pea coat in the colder months, but blazer-esque clothing works too. Sweaters are also a staple for the fall and winter months. Usually you can pull off the sweater with just about anything and be warm at the same time, which is an added bonus.

The ladies of SHU can also rock the sweater with just about everything. In fact, the turtle neck seems to be coming back in style, especially for girls.

Also, the ever-standard Ugg boot seems to be the go-to shoe for almost any occasion, but if you’re going to wear Uggs: be careful. Today it seems that every girl or guys with Uggs wears them with anything.

Wear them with jeans, sure, but not with shorts on a hot day because they’re comfy. Be appropriate with them.

Most of the sales come from department stores like Macy’s or JCPenny all throughout the year, but you should keep an eye out for places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Usually they have designer labels for relatively cheap, but the clothes are limited.

Express and American Eaglealso have good sales, so you might want to check those out when you get a chance.

Finally, fashion is all about expressing yourself. Do not wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Go with what you feel looks good on you and you will never go wrong.

Nicolaos Diakos can be reached at nicolaos.diakos@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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