True Blood’ finale recap

Season three of “True Blood” left the show’s die-hard fan base hungry for more. At the end of the season this summer, revelations about the cast brought the show to new heights and, with the newfound intensity, came questions about future seasons of the cult phenomena.

With the premier of season four so far in the future, fans will have months to wonder what will happen to Sookie, Bill, Eric and the rest of the cast and how the problems and turmoil in the South can possibly be rectified. One of the most shocking moments, perhaps, in the season finale was when Russell eviscerated a newscaster on live TV, dragging the American Vampire League into the mess brewing in the South.

Sookie Stackhouse, the show’s heroine, was revealed to be part Fae, the name for Fairy in the show, finally giving an explanation for and her electric and telepathic abilities. This was pivotal to the season’s closing story-line when her blood, with its traces of Fae, is used to lure Russell into the sunlight and eventually weaken him enough to seal him in a cement grave for all eternity.

Though the show revolves around vampires, any fan would know that other mythical beings are abound in the program. Werewolves are responsible for Bill’s abduction while Sam, a shape-shifter, goes on a mission to locate his birth family, and finds that his parents are using his brother, Tommy’s, shifting abilities in dog fights. In a sub-plot, Lafayette furthers his romance with Jesus, and their hallucinogenic journey on vampire blood shows that both men are descendents of sorcerers. Witches, fairies, were-creatures, and the beloved vampires are all sure to please in Season 4 of Alan Ball and Charlene Harris’ creation.

These, and other loose ends, will begin to be tied up when the new season premieres next summer on HBO.

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