Fall preview: Supernatural

In 2005 the CW network brought us “Supernatural,” a series that chronicles the exploits of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel the country fighting demons and other paranormal creatures.

At first glance this would seem like just another version of “Ghost Hunters” or the other monster shows on TV today. However, “Supernatural” sets itself completely apart from those shows.

What makes the show unique is its witty dialogue, use of countless legends and lore, and a great classic rock soundtrack.

Originally, the series creator, Eric Kripke, intended to write a three-season story for “Supernatural,” but due to its success in recent years, that number has doubled to six seasons and will air on Fridays at 9 p.m. starting Sept. 24.

A large factor that contributed to this show’s success in recent years is the inclusion of Biblical canon, which ranges from angels, prophets, and even Lucifer himself.

The fourth season involved the Winchester brothers’ quest to prevent the Devil’s escape from Hell, which ultimately ended in failure and allowed him to walk freely on Earth.

Season five picked up on that storyline and followed Sam and Dean’s struggle to defeat Lucifer once and for all. Along the way they discover that each brother is meant to be a human host; Sam being the host for Lucifer and Dean being the host of the Archangel Michael, the only one to ever defeat him.

Rather than submit to the archangels and kill each other, the brothers instead decide to put Lucifer back in Hell, even if it means Sam must go back with him.

After saying a tearful goodbye to his older brother in last season’s cliffhanger finale, Sam takes the final leap into the abyss, saving mankind and his brother.

It would appear all is well with Dean living a normal monster-free life when all of a sudden we see Sam, mysteriously back from Hell, watching him through window.

While this shock threw most fans for a loop, the biggest question has to be, “How do you top the defeat of Lucifer?”

Kripke stated early in the sixth season’s development that the new season would focus on the brothers’ relationship set against the complete turmoil Heaven and Hell were left in after Lucifer’s defeat.

Like the first few seasons of the show, there will be many closed-ended episodes as well as a season-long story arc. It has also been confirmed that Misha Collins will reprise his role as the angel Castiel and Jim Beaver will be back as the boys’ mentor Bobby Singer.

One newcomer confirmed is sci-fi veteran actor Mitch Pileggi as Sam and Dean’s grandfather, Samuel.

The biggest surprise of all would be the return of the Yellow-Eyed Demon, the show’s greatest enemy before Lucifer. If this new season is half as good as it predecessors, then we can all expect some very entertaining Fridays this fall.

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