Cove renovations display Seton Hall’s pirate spirit

The Pirate’s Cove in the University Center is currently undergoing renovations which will boast numerous upgrades for students to enjoy.

Kyle Warren, Assistant Dean of Student Activities, said upgrades will include five new large screen televisions, athletic jerseys and photographs which were supplied by the Athletics Department and an upgraded menu with a special weekend line-up. According to Warren, Gourmet Dining Services has already upgraded kitchen services to accommodate the weekend menu.

“The food that’s going to be available on the weekends is something that students are not used to,” Warren said.

According to Warren, the idea to upgrade the Cove came from Seton Hall alum and 2010 graduate Jonathan Chowansky, who approached Warren last spring with the idea to create a place for students to go, especially on weekends.

“My motivation was it gives kids a place to hang out,” Chowansky said. “While people say it’s a suitcase school, there are still a lot of people on campus and it needs to have anything for anybody on the weekends.”

Chowansky also noted the absence of a place for students to truly unwind and relax in a community space.

According to Warren, about 350 students were surveyed over the course of several days to help distinguish which theme would best suite the Cove. Students were given several choices including diner, quiet lounge and sports-themed. The survey returned the overwhelming majority supporting the sports theme.

On September 7, staff began hanging the jerseys and pictures that were supplied by Athletics on the walls of the Cove.

Although the project was pitched last spring, the Cove’s facelift is just coming to fruition.

“We have had delays in the progress due to issues beyond our control,” Warren said.

The major upgrade, which is yet to be installed, will be the addition of five large screen televisions.

These televisions will be partnered up with the large descending screen in the Cove to give students the optimal viewing experience for anything from news to sporting events.

“During the week we expect to have different shows and networks on,” Warren said. “We can also have the capability of having the same movie or show on all the televisions at once, and we can use the large screen to show a game or main event.”

In response to actual progress being made, and an end goal within reach, Chowansky said that he was happy to hear that something is being done for the students and that their voices were heard.

While the new additions to the Cove may encourage school spirit, it remains to be seen how students will react to them.

“My hope is that students really take advantage of what we provide for them,” Warren said.

“We will be doing Monday night football, several contests, the Wednesday night coffee house and we want to try to get more channels in there.”

According to Warren, the Cove’s renovations should be complete by the time the next issue of the Setonian hits newsstands.

“It would be great to have students come out and support the activities in that space,” Warren said. “That shows us ‘if you provide it they will come’.”

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