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The school year has started; you just moved in and are welcomed to the smiling face of your new roommate and the cold stare of a bare room. For many of the upperclassmen it has become second nature to know exactly how to decorate their rooms. But many new students are not ready for the intimidating task of making their home-away-from-home the coolest, best room on campus. This is where I can help.

The first step in decorating any room is finding a theme. This can easily be accomplished by utilizing a consistent color scheme or flaunting your favorite sports teams’ logos. To decide on a theme, ask yourself what you are passionate about or what you would want to see in an ideal room.

For example, the diehard Mets fan with a liking of bright orange, this would be the ideal basis to decorate your room. You can almost envision the bed clad with sheets covered in the Mets’ emblem. This is critical: having a theme in your head gives you a head start over everyone else.

For linens and bed sheets, J.C. Penny and Target have amazing back to school sales toward the end of the summer. Check local flyers to find a deal that works for you.

The next step is to figure out the wall situation. The bare white brick walls of SHU are appealing to few, so having things posted to your walls is a great way to keep your dorm fresh and fun. From pictures of your family and friends to band or movie posters, there are plenty of exciting options. Remember though, Housing and Residence Life has the rule that you can only cover up to 50 percent of a room’s walls. Early in the first semester there is a poster sale in the University Center that offers a huge and affordable selection that comes in all shape and sizes. Look out for it when you walk around the cafeteria.

Finally, make your side of the room your own. But do not try to control the whole room. Remember that your roommate has valuable input into your decorative decision-making, and they may be able to offer alternate ideas on styling.

A key part of living in a university is to make it feel like home. Just remember, there are stores you can shop at that won’t break your bank. Target and Wal-mart are your one-stop-shop for almost anything you need; best of all, the Shufly takes makes trips to Target every Sunday.

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Author: Staff Writer

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