The new DeLorean

Adam got dumped, Lou is a party guy who is past his prime, Nick’s wife is a control freak, and Jacob’s obsession with video games keeps him from leaving the basement. These four friends, all bored with their adult lives, travel back in time to 1986 in a magical hot tub with the opportunity to change their futures in the new comedy, “Hot Tub Time Machine,” opening in theaters March 26.

One will make sure he will still exist, one will find new love, one will find his mojo and one will finally learn to stand up for himself.
With a cast including John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson and Chevy Chase, “Hot Tub Time Machine,” directed by Steve Pink, promises to be a good laugh.

Robinson and Duke, who play Nick and Jacob respectively, said they enjoyed working with the cast and were able to portray best friends with ease. Robinson, in an interview with The Setonian, said that the cast got along great and “created a lot of off-screen bits that will never see the light of day, but kept us entertained.”

Duke talked about how they went out for nights on the town, commonly partaking in karaoke.

However, other adventures of the cast and crew did not go so well, such as when the cast learned how to ski.

Robinson assures that he can now “snow plow (his) way down a mountain.” With the challenges came stress and Robinson said he was sick with a sinus infection for a full two weeks while filming, making it nearly impossible to get anything done.

Cusack has not done a comedy in awhile, however, both Robinson and Duke were impressed with his performance.

“He is gonna surprise some people with his delivery of comedy in this movie because this is not the kind of comedy that he’s used to,” Robinson said.

With that in mind, one cannot help but wonder how well Cusack will handle this new comedic role.

The cast is optimistic about the film’s potential success since it sets itself apart from other comedies.

“This movie is way funnier,” Duke said.

Although it has yet to be seen by the public eye, there is a lot of hype about the film’s release. From Pink’s past works, the film looks as if it will be a great hit on the big screen.

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