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In recognition of Women’s History Month on March 25, the Walsh Library will host a Women’s Read-In, at which the new silent study room will be inaugurated.

On this day the Seton Hall community will be given the opportunity to present works by or about women in the silent study room. The works can range from poetry, essays, stories, artwork, plays and movies.
The new silent study room was created by Dean of the Library Chrysanthy Grieco after students approached her for a quiet place to work.

After undergraduates came in and asked her “Is there nowhere we can go on this floor?” Grieco said, “to respond to the people who have been asking me where there is a private place, I decided to take the room that we have near the circulation desk and turn that into a silent study room.”
The funding for the study room is coming from a pool of donations set aside to address student concerns, and, according to Grieco, not coming from tuition based funds.
“I haven’t gone in there yet, but I like the idea of at least part of the library being silent,” sophomore Brittany Scoles said. “It is hard to find a quiet place sometimes.”

This is a request that comes from people who want to study, so Grieco decided to go to a few university libraries in our area and everyone that she visited had a silent room.
“I study better when its quiet and I hate when people mess around with the stupid bookshelves in the library,” sophomore Matthew Lapsley said. “If there’s a door to get in the room, I haven’t been in the room yet. I feel that it is a good idea because there are times that the first floor can get loud in the middle of the day.”

March 25 is also the annunciation of the Virgin Mary, which has its significance Grieco stated, being that March has been declared women’s history month.

The Read-In will take place from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. however, hours can be expanded if students suggest other times. For any students or faculty members who are interested in the Women’s Read-In, the chair of the committee, Maura Kenny, is available for contact.

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