Diverse music all-stars are feeling the love in new soundtrack

The “Valentine’s Day” movie soundtrack unapologetically screams mushy chick flick with over an hour of great love story anthems. The music selection is a series of almost twenty heart-throbbing love tunes designed to evoke the romance in every listener’s heart from this highly anticipated celebrity-filled date-comedy.

Recent Grammy winner Taylor Swift holds two slots on the album’s list, surely due to the fact that the blonde country queen is one of the A-listers in this year’s twisted man versus women ensemble cast films. Taylor’s opening track, “Today Was a Fairytale,” is classic Swift, a song about falling head-over-heels for the boy she’s kissing. Her other track, “Jump then Fall,” is a similar upbeat country-pop song encouraging someone to take a leap and fall in love. If Swift’s character in the movie is anything like her soundtrack selections, one can only hope that her Romeo will be none other than real-life ex beau Taylor Lautner.

The soundtrack brings a wide variety of artists together, including amazing musicians like Willie Nelson, Jewel, Nat King Cole, Joss Stone, Maroon 5 and Steel Magnolia. The most recognizable song comes from new artists Michael Franti and Spearhead, with “Say Hey (I Love You),” the cute pop hit that inspires listeners to dance and clap every time they hear it.

Jewel’s “Stay Here Forever” adds fun to the soundtrack with her light and pitch perfect song about, what else, love. Returning to her folksy roots with quirky lyrics and a little a-cappella round chanting, this song is probably the best on the album and most likely going to be the breakaway single.

The most exciting part about this album is all of the new artists included in the collaboration, bringing new music to listeners’ ears, along with all their old favorites. Los Angeles indie guy-girl duet “The Bird and the Bee,” including Inara George and Greg Kurstin, features an adorable version of the 80s classic “I’m Into Something Good.” Another remake comes from a relatively unknown artist Anju Ramapriyam with Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours,” with an unusual techno-pop take on the song.

Willie Nelson’s rendition of the “My Fair Lady” classic “On the Street Where You Live” sounds nothing like the country crooner that fans have come to know and love, mixing tepid jazz and shaky singing for what can only be described as the elevator music version of the Broadway hit.

Amy Winehouse crawls out of hiding, sounding amazing with the awkward Jamaican jam “Cupid,” describing a pained heart asking Cupid for help when the man she loves doesn’t know she exists, bringing a little emotional range to the soundtrack.

Another surprising appearance on the roster comes from Steel Magnolia, who deliver a beautiful love song entitled “Keep on Lovin’ You.” This country-pop tune flows nicely with the rest of the soundtrack and definitely adds to the overall quality of the collection.

The worst on the album is from newcomer to the music scene
Leighton Meester, who somehow manages to sneak a spot on this soundtrack with her pointless pop track “Somebody to Love,” featuring Robin Thicke. While catchy and bubbly, this most likely makes a brief appearance during the film, if not at the end of the credits.

The entire soundtrack is an easy listen, but perhaps better listened to during the movie than as a music selection on its own. It is easy to hear where each song fits into a romantic comedy about love and relationships, but all together, this much sappy music might make even the biggest love advocate bored.

Hailey Brooks can be reached at hailey.brooks@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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