A little musical number to bring in the night

Seton Hall’s Theatre Council held Theatre-Out-Of-The-Round: A Little Night Music, a show where students of all majors could express themselves through meaningful songs, on Jan. 28. Despite the discrepancy concerning its location, the performance went without a hitch in a more intimate atmosphere.

More than 80 supporters attended in what turned out to be a great night of familiar songs. The songs had more depth and a genuine feeling when performed by the actors that night. It was easy to see how much it meant for each performer to sing in front of loved ones since everyone sang for different reasons.

The show’s main goals were to introduce the arts to an audience who normally would not have a chance to witness it and provide stress relief for students and fans.

Will Fonda, a broadcasting and visual interactive arts major, sang “Soldier’s Poem” to remind the audience about “The people who are fighting for our freedom;” a message he felt was needed.

On the other hand, Rebecca Rondinella, a nursing major, sang “Love on the Rocks” not only because she felt most comfortable singing it, but also because she had been through relationships like the one described in the song and wanted to show the audience how she felt about those situations.

“The show must go on,” said Matt Giroveanu, co-director of the show, in an interview after the performance. “We worked with what we had and to our advantage it made the setting more intimate and I think those in attendance appreciated that.”

Overall, the crowd seemed genuinely happy and excited to be there for their loved ones and the other performers. It was a great turnout and provided even better feedback as those in attendance hope to see more of Theatre-Out-Of-The-Round: A Little Night Music in the future.

Nicolaos Diakos can be reached at nicolaos.diakos@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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