Apps making the it-list in 2015

Wondering what the “it” apps are of 2015? Then you’ve come to the right place. The new apps recently introduced by the app store, Microsoft store and google store are causing a stir on everybody’s phone as of recent. The most popular apps are important to know about so pay attention, as they may very well keep you in the social loop! Here are the “it” apps of 2015: Group Me, an up and coming app, effectively replaces the Facebook...

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Phone app tips parents off to class skips

The number one predictor of student success in college is not through acing exams and essays or completing assignments – it’s through attending class. According to the Indiana based company, Core Principle, Inc., class attendance is vital for students’ success on campuses nationwide. Core Principle Inc. provides a solution with Class120 for the meta-analysis published in the review of educational research in 2010 on the...

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