Women in Business bridges gaps between all majors

The Seton Hall Women in Business (WIB) is a student organization on campus dedicated to build a community to support empowerment of women from all studies, Ayse Ergene, a junior diplomacy major, said.

Ergene, who is vice president of public relations, said the group values teamwork, open communication, integrity, being creative and resourceful.

Photo courtesy of Ayse Ergene

“We always try to live up to our mission and values with both of our social activities and academic events like panel discussions, networking, and workshops that are focused on the development of women of Seton Hall,” Ergene said.

Sarah Domingo, a senior marketing and philosophy major and the president of the organization, added to those sentiments and said, “We want to share the advice we collectively have learned, from choosing mentors to preparing for interviews, to the next generation of women leaders.”

Domingo said the club’s business mission is best summarized by their tagline, “Empowered women, empower women.”

Domingo explained that even though the club is affiliated with the Stillman School of Business, it is open to all women from different majors. Ergene emphasized the importance of the club’s openness and how that brought her to join.

“The idea of bringing together women from all fields to show that we are strong together is what brought me to WIB,” Ergene said.

Emilia Jastrzebski, a freshman occupational therapy major and vice president of fundraising, explained the importance of having the organization in today’s society.

“Although women have definitely evolved in the career industry,” Jastrzebski said. “We still face obstacles in either being taken seriously or getting unequal opportunities as men.”

“Unfortunately, women have historically had different struggles than men in business,” Domingo added. “The only way we can change this is by action – we have to give women the means to rise and be confident in their own abilities and know that they’re just as capable as men.”

On that note, Ergene said the organization is also open to men. “It is our goal to work for opportunity and gender equality, therefore we welcome everyone in our organization including men and women,” Ergene said.

Jastrzebski also said, “Furthermore, this organization believes in empowering women, but this does not parallel to degrading men. Our mission is to provide equal opportunities for all genders, races, and backgrounds.”

Jastrzebski said that the organization teaches it’s member how to network successfully and steps that people can take in enriching their business skills.

To accomplish these tasks, Domingo said WIB manages events throughout the year, like their upcoming Interview Skills Workshop, co-hosted with the Career Center on Feb. 28. There’s also a Resume Workshop on March 6.

“Being a part of Women in Business is like being on a treadmill; it is challenging, strengthening and rewarding,” Ergene said.

Jastrzebski said, “Each and every single woman in this organization is so willing to dedicate their time, and energy into helping one another, and it’s truly a beautiful thing to witness.”

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Author: Adam Varoqua

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