Business Leadership recognized by LEAD Winner’s Circle

For the fifth consecutive year, the Gerald P. Buccino ’63 Center for Leadership Development—Seton Hall University’s very own business leadership center—made it into the LEAD 2019 Winner’s Circle, which recognizes leadership development and training programs implemented by corporate, government and educational organizations.

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Michael Reuter, the director of Gerald P. Buccino ’63 Center for Leadership Development, spoke very highly of the students involved in the program, commending them on their consistent hard work and dedication.

He said that their current goal is “to bring home the gold for the fifth year in a row” at the highly competitive Annual Awards Ceremony. Winning the award would be a monumental moment for Seton Hall, as this has never been done before, and the recognition will continue to bring prestige and a good name to the business leadership center. The final top three award winners will be announced on March 5 at the Annual Awards Ceremony in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The purpose of the program is to educate students in leadership, the responsibility that comes with being a leader, and how to apply the principles learned in the program to leadership positions both on and off campus.

Ronald Babiak, a sophomore majoring in finance and economics and a student member of the business leadership center said that he has been “personally impacted by the program by being provided with a new perspective on leadership.” He added that “Mr. Reuter instills in us the importance of serving the individuals you are leading. Leadership is not just about being the boss and calling the shots, it is also about providing the people under your guidance with the resources conducive for success.”

Like Babiak, many students have been positively affected by the program, as it provides them with the skills and tools to be the best version of themselves as they transition into the real business world.

Business leaders who have become a part of the LEAD Winner’s Circle conference family have no regrets in joining. Hearing about different people’s experiences in the business realm allows others to learn from them and walk away knowing something that will prove to be beneficial to the progression of their business.

In a similar sense, the members of the program are motivated and inspired by each other to display their newfound knowledge on leadership, to set an example for others and create a trickling effect on, not only new and incoming business majors but also the entire student body. Babiak says that he believes that maintaining the program to its high standards and being consistently recognized by the LEAD Winner’s Circle affects the students on campus, as it “gives them a sense of pride and confidence” in Seton Hall’s business leadership program.

Though confident that his team will walk away with the gold award at this year’s ceremony, Reuter reminded us that winning is not everything. Even if the program does not take gold this year, they will all walk away with “a broader richness of a collaboration and partnership with other Seton Hall schools and colleges that will take the University to levels undreamed in leadership excellence.” Whatever the outcome, it will not alter the purpose of the program or the positive impact it has on its members and the campus.

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