Students share new goals for New Year

Several Seton Hall students weighed in on their New Year’s resolutions and what they hope to accomplish before 2019 is over.

Gianna Grandinetti, a sophomore social work major, said that for her New Year’s resolution she hopes to work harder to become an influential role model for other people, while taking better care of her own wellness. She said that this year, she wants to emphasize the importance of mental health and self-care for a healthier lifestyle.

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“I want to accomplish being able to be an example for others and an advocate for mental health and wellness,” Grandinetti said. “Also, to just find some self-confidence and some self-love and spread that around a bit.”

Many students, including Grandinetti, are also looking forward to academic opportunities and goals, like internships or jobs. “I’m looking into an internship now with a neuropsychology practice, so we’ll see how it goes,” Grandinetti said.

Monique Ucal, a freshman undecided business major, described how her New Year’s resolution is to focus on progressing further in her academic career. Ucal said she would like to enroll in the 5 year undergraduate to graduate accounting program at Seton Hall.

Ucal explained why that resolution is deeply meaningful to her. “I am a first generation female student in my family and being able to have an opportunity to go here gives me a chance to prove to the world how dedicated I am to earning a degree here at Seton Hall,” Ucal said.

Ucal also added that she hopes to use more of her free time this new year in order to volunteer more, and give back to the community.

John Mercado, a sophomore psychology major, said he wishes to concentrate more on his studies for his New Year’s Resolution. “My goals for next semester are to study harder and create a better study plan,” Mercado said.

Mercado said that he remains excited for the next semester and the prospect of taking new and more interesting classes, like Human Neuropsychology.

Spencer Hinton, a graduate diplomacy major, spoke of his aspirations and goals for the next year. For his free time, Hinton said he’d like to take up activities outside of school, like singing and playing his guitar at a coffee shop, as well as other venues.

Hinton also said he wanted to work harder throughout the new year to achieve a dream he holds careerwise. “Ultimately,” he said, “I would like to work for the United Nations Development Program.”

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