Pirates share hopes for December cinema

Seton Hall students shared their thoughts on some upcoming new films that will hit theaters in December, like “Aquaman,” “Mary Poppins Returns” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.”

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Renee Nunez, a sophomore visual sound and media major, shared her excitement for these upcoming films. “I’m excited to see the movies of December,” Nunez said.

Nunez said she is a casual moviegoer, especially when it comes to DC and Marvel releases. “In the case of the new DC and Marvel movies, it’s exciting to see the amazing production work and action in person,” she said.

Nunez explained the importance of traveling out to theaters. With platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, some students will have to wait for these recent films to be released on those platforms.

“There is a different feeling watching a film on a massive screen and enjoying it with the people around you,” Nunez said. “The theater holds more than just new movies, but more experiences and memories to come.”

Nunez enjoys the environment that a movie theater has to offer. She said she feels that these new releases are the perfect opportunity to socialize while watching some incredible works of art in the form of a film.

Tyler Soso, a sophomore visual and sound media major, said he is excited about the upcoming films. As a fan of the “Transformer” series since 2007, Soso said he expects something huge to come from the film.

“The last two films have been underwhelming in my opinion, so the new Bumblebee movie is almost like a fresh start for the series,” he said.

Another film that is highly anticipated by students has been the modern remake of “Mary Poppins,” with a cast line-up of Emily Blunt, Dick Van Dyke and Meryl Streep.

Stacy Barrantes, a sophomore education major, shared her excitement to watch some of her favorite actors hit the big stage as she has been a fan of Meryl Streep since her childhood.

“I love Meryl,” Barrantes said. “I watched ‘Julie and Julia’ a couple times when I was a kid, but I really liked Mamma Mia, I think that’s what got me into her.”

Barrantes said she was surprised to see one of her favorite actors put into a remake of a classic story. She also explained how she felt about Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins. “I hadn’t really heard of her, but I did recognize her from ‘A Quiet Place.’” Barrantes said. “I feel like Mary Poppins might bring me to start watching more of whatever she’s in.”

On Nov. 12, Stan Lee, a writer and editor best known with his association with the Marvel comics, died at 96. A number of Marvel films are set to be released in the coming years and students said they are excited to see what Lee was able to create in his final years.

Soso shared his opinion on how his death will affect the public and fans of his work.

“I think Stan Lee’s passing has the potential to influence more people to go out and see the next few Marvel movies,” Soso said. “I think more people will want to go out and show support for the characters that Stan Lee gave us even more now that he is gone. I’ll definitely have him in the back of my mind when I go watch each film.”

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Author: Ronald Castaneda

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