Students share favorite eats on and off campus

Seton Hall students shared their thoughts and opinions on the several new food options launched by Gourmet Dining Services (GDS) this fall.

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The new selections on campus include a Cafe Jubilee, an eatery in Jubilee Hall that offers pastries, desserts and Starbucks drinks; Jersey Mike’s, a sandwich establishment located in the commuter cafeteria; and Pirate Bowls, which is located in the Living Room and offers a wide selection of smoothie bowls. New sandwich and drink selections were also added to the Cove menu this semester.

Several students commented on their favorite go-to food and treat venues, including Phoebe Hall, a junior religious studies major. Hall shared her dietary experiences as a vegan on campus.

“The best food on campus is from the Cove,” Hall said. “I’m a commuter so I don’t usually eat in the cafeteria, but the Cove is a place I frequent. I like to eat the impossible burger, since I am vegan.

Especially, for a vegan it is hard to find well balanced convenient food options.

“Having easy and quick hot meals available for purchase on campus makes being a commuter much easier. This way I don’t have to carry around two meals and snacks on days when I have night classes.

Instead, I can choose to rely on the cove for lunch or dinner.”

“I like the new Starbucks at Jubilee,” said Razaan Halak, a sophomore English secondary education and special education major. “The coffee tastes good and so does the pastries and snacks that they have there. I would love to see more drinks on the menu though like in other Starbucks.”

Some students, however, said they prefer off-campus food places due to lack of diverse options.
“I feel like on campus it would be great if we could include different options for students,” Halak said. “I really like Miti Miti, which is off-campus but close. It has great food that’s both American and Latin, so like empanadas and tacos, which are my favorite.”

Ruby Pasupuleti, a sophomore biology major, said she is not impressed by the campus options and opts for dining in the nearby town center as well. “As a big food lover who constantly thinks about food, I get tired of the caf food quickly,” Pasupuleti said. “I like to go to the Village and look for places to eat.”

Pasupuleti said one of her favorite places to eat is Tito’s Burritos and Wings Mexican restaurant. “Their burritos, nachos, chips and especially the empanadas, are the bomb,” she said.

Pasupuleti added that she also enjoys eating at Bayleaf, a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine in South Orange. “As an Indian, I approve of the food,” she said. “It is so flavorful and delicious with just the right amount of spice that the cafeteria lacks. The Butter Naan with paneer tikka masala is my favorite.”

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