Seniors share preparedness for graduation

Graduation is just a few months away for Seton Hall seniors as they wrap up their time with the university and prepare to take on the workforce.

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Elizaveta Sidorova, a senior psychology major, said she plans to attend graduate school and enter into the workforce at the same time. “I have to attend graduate school because the career that I want to pursue requires a Ph.D.,” Sidorova said. She added that she wishes to become a clinical psychologist.

Sidorova explained that her major prepared her well for her plans after graduation and how being a peer adviser helped, too. “My freshman year I was someone who truly lacked confidence and ambition, and had accepted a life of just doing what was easiest, and made money,” she said. “This position instilled a confidence in me to reach for my goals and fight for my dreams.” Sidorova added that her experiences with the position gave her the motivation to apply to graduate schools.

Shawn Brelvi, a senior mathematics major, discussed his aspirations after college. “First, I want to dedicate more time to performing and sharing my art with more people,” Brelvi said. “Secondly, I look forward to beginning a career where I am challenged and indispensable. While this is far-reaching, I want to be in a place where I won’t stagnate and I feel like I belong.”

“[Mathematics] showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to,” Brelvi continued. “It showed me that my degree isn’t just a piece of paper. Rather, it is a tool that I use at every intersection. Education is so vital to the development of one’s life.”

Similar to Sidorova, being a part of an organization on campus helped Brelvi learn more about himself.

Brelvi said he joined POETIC when he was a freshman and that the organization taught him the value of creative expression and community. “If you don’t have a community, then one can go insane because of their lack of connection,” he said.

Gina Hernandez, assistant director of the Career Center, explained the center’s programs and how it can help students prepare for the workforce.

“The Career Center hosts several networking forums, information sessions, career fairs and other career-related programs throughout the year to connect students with alumni, employers and other professionals,” Hernandez said. “These events are a great way to meet people in your industry of interest and gain insight and knowledge to help prepare for a future job search.”

Hernandez said one upcoming program that will benefit seniors is “Career Success After Seton Hall—First Impressions Count” which will be held on Nov. 5 at 4 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Suite.

Along with the Career Center and student organizations, Sidorova said that there are also other people to turn to. He said, “I looked to my advisers, mentors and professors for guidance, and I got what I needed.”

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