Students share ideas for an uniquely SHU experience

Seton Hall has a variety of events for students to participate in and attend. Here are five tips provided by Seton Hall students on what one should do to have an “iconic” college experience at Seton Hall:

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Get involved on campus

Meg Malkasian, a senior social and behavioral sciences major, said that one of the best ways to make a SHU student’s college experience worthwhile is to join an organization on campus. “Don’t be afraid to go to different events,” Malkasian said. “Really find what you enjoy and are passionate about because you just might find your home away from home,” she said. Malkasian is a member of the executive board of the Armenian Club, the university pep band and the Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority Inc. “It’s given me the opportunity to get to know a wider and more diverse group of people,” she said.

Attend athletic events

Katherine Steiner, a senior public relations major, said that attending SHU athletic events are part of having an iconic experience. “Attending athletic events will maximize your school pride,” Steiner said.

Steiner said that attending these events are a way for students to come together with their friends and share a great bonding experience. Throughout her freshman year, Steiner said she attended every men’s basketball game and that the events gave her and her friends somewhere safe to hang out and experience SHU pride.

If you’re a commuter, spend more time on campus

Tayla Frey, a junior public relations major, said that students who commute to campus should more spend more time at SHU instead of just attending class and going home. Frey said she creates a schedule with gaps in between classes that do not allow enough time for students to drive home and back, and recommends this “trick” to other commuter students. “Whether it’s grabbing some dinner or sitting on the Green, I am exposing myself to more people and activities,” Frey said. “There’s always the chance to unexpectedly see someone from my class in Dunkin’ or to even make lunch or dinner plans with one of my friends. When there’s not enough time to do go home, it almost forces you to be more involved.”

Spend time with friends on the weekends

Malkasian said students should go out with their friends on the weekends, and while many do go home on the weekends, it leaves the campus very empty.

“If you can avoid it, do not go home on the weekends,” Malkasian said. She added that there is a variety of activities for students can do on the weekends.

Some of these include exploring what’s around campus, checking out downtown South Orange, visiting New York City, and attending local events like craft fairs and farmers markets. “While it may be tempting to go home and see family, remember that the potential memories that you can make while being here will last a lifetime,” she said.

Study abroad

Parker LaCourse, a junior diplomacy major, traveled to Alicante, Spain for a month this past summer to study abroad. “Really take the opportunity if it comes your way because it gives you such a new perspective on both the world and education,” LaCourse said.

He said his trip was a great opportunity to make new friends at Seton Hall and helped him improve his language skills through cultural immersion and a host family, and not just in a classroom.

LaCourse said he recommends that students should look into the different opportunities offered by the Office of International Programs and the university. “You get this new perspective about the world, how people live their lives, and education,” he said.

“People around the world live their lives so differently than how we do around here. It’s a very enriching experience.”

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Author: Liam Oakes

Liam Oakes is the editor of the Campus Life section. He is a public relations major from Andover, New Jersey. Follow him on Twitter: @lm_oakes

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