Freshmen have breakout experience in show

The Seton Hall Theatre Program is preparing to perform a children’s show at the Theatre-in-the-Round on Oct. 20 during Seton Hall Weekend.

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This year’s show is called “The Pirate and the Princess,” which tells the story of a pirate who dreams of dry land and a princess who longs for adventure. The two meet and switch places, which results in chaos.

The cast members said that the children’s show is a way for freshmen to get involved early with the theatre program on campus.

Melinda Primorac, a freshman theatre major, said, “I’ve been told that the children’s show was a great way to get introduced to Seton Hall Theatre and it’s a better way to get acclimated.”

The cast said that the children’s show works as an introduction to the production process, which may be different than their high school theatre experience. The program can act as a continuation of high school theatre or as a stage debut for students.

The freshmen spent the first days working specifically on character work and finding the character within oneself. A few cast members said that practicing their voice, walk and talk have all helped them prepare to deliver their lines.

Luke Schreder, a freshman diplomacy and international relations major, plays the old pirate captain and explained the work he put into personalizing his character. “We did an exercise for our spirit animal and mine was an old dog, an old mutt, who knows how life is,” Schreder said. “We’ve done a couple different exercises on how to project and how the characters interact with each other.”

Bailey Laplante, a freshman education, English and theatre major, described her character in the show, Fuschia the Princess. “Fuschia has been described as a Disney princess and, in a way, I can relate as I often look for the good in everyone and we also have a lot of energy,” Laplante said.

Jordan Green, a junior music education and theatre major and the stage manager of the production, said he has noted a lot of advancements within the cast since day one. “I’ve seen lots of improvements.

Mostly, in confidence levels,” Green said. “I’ve watched these young actors come out of their shells and bond with the whole cast.”

With all of these improvements and a couple weeks left for more work, the actors said that they are now gearing up for opening production.

Laplante said, “I think it’s going to be funny. I don’t know how you couldn’t enjoy something with all these actors who are really passionate about what they’re doing.”

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