Green initiative draws mixed reviews

Seton Hall University started the 2018 Fall semester with a sustainable course of action to utilize paper straws instead of plastic straws. This decision was to further reduce Seton Hall’s carbon footprint.

This initiative started last year as a part of the Blue Goes Green campaign, which focused on positive environmental changes on campus.

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Violet Reed, a senior with a major in English and minor in Environmental Science, was very active in this campaign last year. “This was a national movement that Seton Hall was inclined to react on.”

The initiative has resulted in a variety of opinions among students said. Many are extremely frustrated with the inconveniences of paper straws. A handful of people complained and feel as if they do not fulfill the purpose of the straws as they’re very fragile and are not suitable for all types of drinks.

The Student Life Committee of the Student Government Association received enough complaints for this to be a topic of discussion and assessment in front of the committees.

Billy Weber, a freshman Chemistry major, isnt a fan of paper straws. “They’re good, but I prefer plastic straws. If there could be an alternative that worked just as well and that was also environmentally friendly, then I would be all for it.”

Some believe that these inconveniences are resulting in a counter productivity of the purpose.

For instance, Jessica Grove, a freshman Psychology major, points out “people end up having to use the plastic straws, because the paper straws get soft.”

However, there is also another side of the argument.

A lot of students such as Kimberly Santana, a sophomore with a major in Political Science and a minor in Diplomacy has a positive attitude towards this new initiative. She even uses metal straws and encourages others to do so as well.

“Inconveniences are caused by the lids,” Santana said. She points out that the overarching positive impact this small change results for everyone in the long run.

In response to the comments and concerns from both sides, Michelle Pan Student Life Committee Chair of the Student Government Association a management and marketing double major said, “As soon as I started hearing about the complaints, the Student Life Committee was on it, exploring different solutions on how we can resolve the issue.”

The issue was thoroughly discussed and brought to the attention of Alfred Frungillo who is in charge of Seton Hall Gourmet Dining Services.

After going through the discussion, a letter has been written to the University through the GDS regarding the concerns of some of the student body and why plastic straws might be needed back on campus. Although, the final decision is left to the University’s discretion.

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