Students begin classes at Nutley campus

Students studying disciplines within the School of Health and Medical Sciences will now attend classes at its new campus in Nutley, N.J. which was completed this past summer.

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Several students who spend most of their time at the Nutley campus shared their thoughts about their new surroundings and commutes.

Gabriella D’Amodio, a senior studying athletic training, said she appreciated the technology features and accessibility to study lounges.

“Overall, I am happy with the transition from SHU to the new Nutley campus mainly because of the state-of-the-art technology that the campus has,” D’Amodio wrote in an email.

“We now have access to a cadaver lab right here on campus in Nutley and have a lot of services here for our benefit. I do enjoy different amenities like being able to stay in the building for 24 hours to study and not have to worry about the building closing and kicking me out at a certain time of the night,” D’Amodio said.

“The labs in the Physical Therapy wing specifically have a lot of models and resources that make for good training in Physical Therapy,” she said. “Classes in the athletic training program are structured in the sense that encourages self-directed learning. A lot of the time, our professors aren’t actually lecturing to us but instead, guiding us to find the answers on our own or in small groups.”

Catherine Saint Jacques, an undergraduate senior and first-year student in the Dual Degree Physical Therapy Program, wrote in an email that her classes feature a different structure.

“Classes are structured somewhat differently to incorporate more of the new resources that are provided,” she said. “For example, in Learning Labs, there are ‘clusters’ with several chairs around a big monitor for projecting the lecture along with microphones at the center of the table and the ability to project our own computer screen onto the monitor as well.”

“To compare my time spent on the South Orange campus and the new IHS campus in Nutley, I feel like I have had two different college experiences,” Gabby Bongard, a senior nursing major wrote in an email. “ I no longer have daily interactions with other students who are not health science majors and majority of my time in a school setting is spent with the same population of students.”

“Personally, I do like the location although wish it was closer to the South Orange campus, especially since Seton Hall refuses to provide adequate transportation for students in need, which is very unfortunate; not to mention parking at the new campus is very expensive,” Bongard added.

Despite several issues to resolve, Saint Jacques and Bongard believe the new facilities will benefit them for years to come.

“My time in South Orange feels more like home because I was there for three years but Nutley is more of a professional setting that I know will benefit me in the long run with my career,” she said. “Also, since the Nutley location is newer, there is still time to make it more like home.”

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