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SHU reflects on resolutions for the ‘new year’

As a new academic year begins, so do many new challenges and personal goals. Seton Hall students discussed their resolutions for the new school year and how they plan achieve them.

Sarah Yenesel/Photography Editor

Cece Pateman, a sophomore speech language pathology and special elementary education major, discussed her plans to get through the new school year. With more challenging work ahead of her this semester, Pateman said emphasized the importance of time management and resources for a college student.

Pateman mentioned the change in workload for her this year and how it is a huge transition from freshman to sophomore year for someone in her major.

“Our field placements pretty much takes a day out of our week by giving another thing to focus on,” Pateman said. “It takes time away from being on campus and getting work done.”

Pateman utilizes several resources to organize herself and work efficiently, such as visiting the Walsh Library and using Google Calendar.

Pateman also works at Work and Play Child Care in South Orange and is taking six classes this semester to meet the requirements for her major.

She added, “We’re all a little overwhelmed,” Pateman said. “Time management is going be important for everyone.

You have to schedule in free time just for anything to benefit yourself.”

There are a number of factors that can affect a student’s growth both academically and personally. As much as students’ peers push their education onto them as the biggest priority in college, there are many other aspects that people wish to improve on this year.

Anthony Aliberti, a sophomore criminal justice major, said he understands how important multiple aspects are, as he hopes to grow personally this semester.

“I want to continue to grow as a person this semester by trying out new things all throughout the year,” he said.

Aliberti said it is important to manage an education and a social life while in college. He looks to stay on top of his work all throughout the year and maintain a high GPA.

“I hope to make the Dean’s List this semester and so on,” Aliberti said. “It’s a goal I’ve been aiming for.”
Jose Balderrama, a sophomore journalism major, also said he has his mind set on academics this year.

“It’s important to me because I feel that new resolutions keep me on my toes and always looking for ways to better myself,” he said.

With all the different majors that Seton Hall has to offer, there are also many different lifestyles that go along with them. Despite their differences, socializing seems just as important as anything else you may tackle this semester.

“It’s great to network yourself for the future,” said Aliberti. “It’s the best way to make the most of your college experience.”

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