ARC offers finals help and stress relief

Finals are never a fun time for anyone. As we near the final stretch, we all know how hard it can be cramming in every last bit of notes before our final exams.

Luckily, Seton Hall offers an amazing outlet available to all students to help relieve your end of semester stress.

The Academic Resource Center, (ARC) offers help to students. With student tutors, the ARC gives Seton Hall students an immediate resource to help students understand any subject or material that they may have found difficult to comprehend. It is a resource that students can take advantage of.

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Matthew Carden, a Junior sports management and information technology management major, and Aaron Varghese, a junior finance and religion major, both work as student tutors and feel that the ARC is an essential part to Seton Hall’s academics. “It’s a free resource to help students reinforce what they learn in the classroom,” Carden said.

Carden, who mainly tutors those who look for assistance in math, has seen many students drop in on a weekly basis looking for help in certain subjects. “Usually five or six students set up appointments with me a week,” he said.

Alongside Carden and Varghese other student tutors find joy in helping students, as they see more and more come back.

“It’s showing how much they love the resource,” Carden said. “I love helping people.”

The ARC has many resources within its office located on the second floor of the Arts and Sciences building, which include tutoring, test proctoring, note taking and much more. The ARC offers more than just face to face meetings between students and tutors; there is also an online resources available.

A yearly event that takes place around finals time is SHUTutopia. SHUTutopia is a day event where every tutor is available for help. It takes place every reading day between the hours of 3 to 6 p.m. in the University Center.

The event is meant to promote study times for students and give an even more convenient resource for students with finals coming up. Students will have availability for help in every subject.

“SHUTutopia is definitely the best way to help for finals,” Varghese said. “Odds are there will be someone there who can help you with anything you need.”

Varghese, who is also a tutor in residence, said that SHUTutopia also offers an amazing environment for students looking to get work done.

“It provides a very productive and collaborative environment,” Varghese said. “Students tend to help each other out when they meet others studying for similar finals.”

Both Varghese and Carden want to embrace the importance of the ARC and its resources.

“Even if you are confident with yourself, still come in and see what the ARC has to offer,” Varghese said. “It’s nice to get a different perspective on some material.”

“It’s a really good opportunity to reinforce your skills as well,” Carden added.

Be sure to check out SHUTutopia on May 9 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the University Center’s Main Lounge for all your final exam help and study needs.

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