SHU literary magazine looks to further expand

Seton Hall’s literary magazine, “The Corner Pocket,” has been trying to find its identity on campus. Since the beginning, “The Corner Pocket” has been serving to model the environment and ethics of professional magazines, such as the New Yorker, to give students practice in publishing and editing a literary magazine. Recently, it has been debated to make the magazine part of a special topics creative writing course.

“The Corner Pocket” is a student-run magazine, so we really want to showcase student work,” the magazine’s President, and a senior creative writing and visual film and sound media major, Anne Madden said.

“The Corner Pocket” operates in a way that mimics a professional magazine.
Photo courtesy of Anne Madden

Madden also said the magazine would like to expand beyond SHU students, but is not quite sure how far or how they would do that. Madden has been involved with the magazine for about a year, when Professor Adams asked her to help edit last spring’s issue.

Treasurer and a senior diplomacy, creative writing, and Catholic studies major, Naomi Shuyama, said she has enjoyed her time with The Corner Pocket.

“It was really interesting to collaborate with other writers and just have this object that we put a lot of love and hard work into,” Shuyama said.

Shuyama also said the magazine provides great experience for those wanting to pursue careers in writing and editing, as many people involved with the magazine intend to do.

Diana Kim graduated with a degree in English, in May of 2017 and is now getting her masters degree and teaching freshman English at SHU.
Kim played a big part in putting together last spring’s issue in only a month.

Kim also pointed out that The Corner Pocket provides the unique experience of getting people to read your work for free. When you publish with other magazines you are paying them to read your work and being able to get someone to read your work for free is rare, she said.

“It’s just a really good opportunity to get your work out there and try things out, even if you don’t get accepted you still get an email with an explanation and feedback,” Kim said.

The Corner Pocket had a deadline for this semester’s submissions, but is willing to except work from late-comers. Students interested in submitting their work to the magazine should do so via email to as soon as possible.

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